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In the dynamic world of international transport and logistics, ALPI stands out by delivering smooth, efficient and personalized services for all your logistics challenges.

Need a shipment to Greece? ALPI’s here for all your logistics.

We understand the importance of efficient and reliable goods transportation.Thanks to our deep experience as a logistics provider and knowledge of the Greek market, we guarantee that your goods will arrive at their destination quickly and in perfect condition. We offer flexibility in load size, custom transport solutions, warehousing, and quick turnaround times. Learn how ALPI can be your partner in refining your logistic operations and optimizing your transport to and from Greece.

We’re different

Our expert freight forwarders ensure your goods are handled smoothly, keeping things safe and efficient. Whether you’re looking for a transport to Greece specialist or want to know more about customs formalities or transport costs, we, as an experienced logistics provider,offer tailor-made solutions that meet your needs.
Looking for a way to make your shipments to and from Greece more efficient? Contact ALPI and see how we, along with our local agents, can make a difference.

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ALPI has everything under control

ALPI understands how important it is to rely on fast and good logistics. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to handling every shipment with the utmost care, whether it involves standard transport needs or complex logistic challenges. With our extensive network, a solid knowledge of international transport and specific expertise in the Greek market, ALPI provides high- quality service with flexible and customized solutions to suit your unique requirements.

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We offer:

  • FCL (full container load) or FTL (full truck load) transportation for full load shipments
  • LTL and groupage transport for partial loads
  • Express services for time-critical deliveries
  • Advanced tracking and real-time updates
  • Storage solutions – Warehousing

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Are you curious about our rates? From intermodal to complete freights. We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a quotation for you without any obligation. Our shipments are transported to destinations all over the world.
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Why ALPI should be your partner for shipping to Greece

Choosing international transport company ALPI means relying on a partner that understands the complexity of international shipping. With thousands of daily shipments and a global network, ALPI promises fast and professional handling of all your logistic needs. Our focus on process improvements, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us a globally recognized name in the logistics industry. So choose ALPI for your Greece transport.

Flawless flow
Our warehousing isn’t just about storage; it’s key to keeping your goods moving smoothly, which is crucial for your supply chain to succeed. Combined with our transport capabilities, we ensure your shipments, big or small, are handled in the most cost-effective way.

Expert and reliable
At ALPI, reliability comes first. We understand how important it is for your goods to arrive safely and on time at the destination of your choice. That’s why we invest in the best people, vehicles, and technologies to ensure this.

Since every shipment is unique, we are ready with custom service and flexible shipping options that perfectly meet your needs. Whether it involves full truckload and container transport, pallet transport, partial loads and groupage, or specialized transports, we’ve got you covered.

Eco-friendly moves
We are committed to environmentally friendly business practices and continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint. That includes eco-friendly shipping options as part of our logistics services.

Frequently asked questions for transport to Greece

Can I pick-up a shipment?

Goods on pallets or in containers that are delivered to our own warehouse, can also be picked up there.

How can I place an order?

You can ask your question online via our contact or quotation form and we will ensure that you receive an answer from one of our specialists as soon as possible. However you can of course also contact us by telephone on +31 (0)75 750 2600.

How do I check the status of my shipment?

We will notify you at various times so that you can stay informed of the status of your shipment. From the moment of loading until the moment of unloading.

What is intermodal transport?

In some cases, one mode of transport is not enough or a combination of road and sea transport yields so you can realize significant cost savings.

What storage facility do you offer?

In Zaandam we have our own (customs) warehouse (storage) of over 6,200 square metres where all your export and import goods can be stored on pallets or in containers until transport.

Where are you active?

Alpi is part of Alpi World. And World says it all. We are able to take care of your transports worldwide.