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At ALPI, we do everything possible to ensure your Sweden transport is as smooth as possible. Whether you’re exporting goods to Sweden or importing items to the Netherlands, you can count on our first-class logistics services tailored to your needs. We offer not only rapid deliveries but also customized solutions with a personal touch and customer service that’s always there for you. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the logistics sector, you are guaranteed a hassle-free transportation and handling of your shipments.

Top-to-bottom transport Sweden

With its excellent infrastructure – Sweden boasts an extensive and well-maintained road network – Sweden is a pleasant country to travel through, essential for both domestic and cross-border road transport. This greatly aids us in transporting your goods safely and swiftly from point A to B. Our years of experience, high-quality service, and close cooperation with our local network enable us to navigate efficiently throughout Sweden, from busy urban areas to the vast nature in the north and various islands. We ensure that our efficient transport solutions keep everything running smoothly.

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Strictly regulated: road transport in Sweden

Sweden is known for its stringent regulations concerning vehicle safety and emission standards. Adhering to these standards is crucial to avoid fines and operational interruptions. We ensure our vehicles always meet these high demands, which helps us guarantee smooth transportation in Sweden and reliable service. Planning around holidays and driving bans During major holidays and certain winter periods, driving bans are in effect in Sweden. These are designed to increase traffic safety and reduce environmental impact. ALPI carefully plans the transportation of goods around these dates to minimize potential delays in transport to Sweden. It is essential to consider the possibly increased traffic during national holidays such as Midsummer, which can lead to longer delivery times, especially to popular destinations. These days always receive our special attention.

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Swedish transport challenges

The geographic challenges of Sweden, such as vast forests, mountains, and lakes, as well as the extensive Swedish archipelago, require careful planning, especially when it comes to transport to the islands. Depending on the availability of ferry services and weather conditions, transport to these areas can experience significant delays, especially during the icy winter months. Thanks to our experienced team and strong logistics network, ALPI can efficiently navigate these challenges. We provide a reliable service that goes beyond just transporting your goods. Our knowledge of the local market and infrastructure enables us to optimize your logistics processes from south to north Sweden, ensuring your shipment reaches its destination on time and safely.

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Practical and precise in Sweden transport

At ALPI, you can count on a personal and customer-oriented approach for all your international transport, including your transport to Sweden. We ensure efficiency and punctuality with our optimized routes and reliable delivery schedules. Additionally, we offer real-time tracking updates, so you are always informed about the status of your shipments.

As for our services, ALPI offers a wide range of flexible solutions to meet all your logistics needs. From full truckload (FTL) and container transport to less-than-truckload (LTL), groupage, and pallet transport. Our groupage services also feature quick transit times and multiple departure times per week. We are also equipped to handle special requirements, such as urgent deliveries.

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Frequently asked questions for transport to Sweden

Can I pick-up a shipment?

Goods on pallets or in containers that are delivered to our own warehouse, can also be picked up there.

How can I place an order?

You can ask your question online via ourΒ contactΒ orΒ quotation formΒ and we will ensure that you receive an answer from one of our specialists as soon as possible. However you can of course also contact us by telephone onΒ +31 (0)75 750 2600.

How do I check the status of my shipment?

We will notify you at various times so that you can stay informed of the status of your shipment. From the moment of loading until the moment of unloading.

What is intermodal transport?

In some cases, one mode of transport is not enough or a combination of road and sea transport yields so you can realize significant cost savings.

What storage facility do you offer?

In Zaandam we have our own (customs) warehouse (storage) of over 6,200 square metres where all your export and import goods can be stored on pallets or in containers until transport.

Where are you active?

Alpi is part of Alpi World. And World says it all. We are able to take care of your transports worldwide.