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E-Fulfilment: Comprehensive order handling

As a webshop owner, arranging the processing of goods after a transaction via the internet can take a lot of time and money. We can take this off your hands by taking over the complete processing of orders from your webshop, or e-fulfilment. By this we mean: receiving the goods, storage of goods, collecting goods per order, packing the entire order, postage for shipment, transfer to the carrier and return processing of returned products. We ensure that all orders reach your customer safely and quickly.

E-Fulfilment at Alpi Netherlands BV

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Handling logistics

After we have received the goods, they are registered and given a place in our warehouse. The warehouse has a storage capacity of over 6,200 square meters and is fully secured according to the standard BORG III and partly BORG IV. The orders are then selected from your stock and packaged, and provided with an address label and packing slip. We then send the package to your customer and if necessary we also process the returns. You can rely on our experienced, well-trained team to manage your inventory and order shipping, so you can focus on your business.

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